• Stanislaus County Sherriff's Coroner's Facility

    The Stanislaus County Sherriff's Coroner's Facility is located a multi-acre site in Modesto, CA and contained an existing 26,101 sf building was renovated in 1995 by PDA into a Postal Encoding Center for the USPS. The Post Office left the site in 2004. The building had remained empty and was only used on occasions by the county.

    The existing structure of the building includes a set of three manufactured steel structures (3 bays) with a CMU addition on the south side completed prior to the 1995 renovation. The extensive renovation project used what was mostly an open building plan for the Postal Encoding Center to house all of the functions required for the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Corner's Facility.

    To accommodate the spatial requirements of the new building systems, additional height was required within the building. The top was taken off of the middle portion of the existing structure and a new structural frame was added to extend the building up to the necessary height. This portion of the building houses the main Morgue functions of the facility. It also supports the new mechanical systems and exhaust equipment for the rooms below.

    Careful attention was paid to the separation between the Public and Office portion of the building and the Morgue functions. The Coroner can utilize the provided Family Rooms in conjunction with the advanced technological systems for both viewing and training or educational purposes. This project provides a greatly needed new facility for the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.

  • Boyett Cruiser's Copperopolis

    The Cruiser's in Copperoppolis, CA is another recently completed remodel project by Pacific Design Associates, Inc. What starte as an interior remodel eventually turned into a ground-up build with the existing structure being demolished down to the slab. Next, the new convenience store was constructed as well as new fuel pumping stations and other sitework.

  • City of Ceres WWTP Break Room

    Working as a consultant, PDA was involved with the production of Construction Documents of a new Break Room Building for the City of Ceres Waste Water Treatment Plant. With Break Room and Locker Room facilities, the new building will provide the employees at the facility with new ammenaties that they previously didn't have. The project is out to bid and is expected to begin construction later this year.

  • Office Addition and Renovation

    What is the best course of action to address an outdated, problematic commercial building? Every project brings its own unique circumstances, conditions and requirements to the table.

    Pacific Design Associates, inc. has the ability and experience to address all of your concerns, explore all possible options, and provide you with the services necessary to realize the solution that meets all of your needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and start exploring the possibilities.

  • St. Vincent de Paul Community Life Center

    PDA has recently completed the bridging documents for a new Multi=Purpose building at teh Sacred Heart Parish in Patterson, CA. the project is currently out for bid by Design/Build Contractors.

    The project centeres around the construction of a new multipurpose facility for sports, mass, quinceaneras, and banquets with small rooms for meetings with a full catering kitchen, sacristy, teen center and support facilities. The existing pre-school building will be relocted and new parking lots will be constructed adjacent to the new building.

  • Industrial Lab Addition

    Pacific Design Associates has recently presented the design for a proposed Test Lab addition in an industrial area of Modesto, CA. The addition would house a state-of-the-art industrial testing facility and also provide much needed office sapce on the second floor. The project is currently in budget review and awaiting approval before beginning the next stage of teh process.

  • Valley Heart Institute, Modesto

    Located in the same building as the Golden Valley Health Centers project in Modesto, the remodel for Valley Heart Institute was completed in early 2015. Another complete interior remodel, the completed project brings a new OSHPD-3 level clinic to teh complex.

  • Golden Valley Health Centers, Modesto

    The construction of a new medical clinic for Golden Valley Health Centers has been recently completed near the Doctor's Medical Center in Modesto, CA. The project included combining multiple suites of an existing building into a single OSHPD-3 level clinic that would meet all of the current codes and regulation.

  • Stanislaus County Psychiatric Health Facility

    Construction was recently completed by Simile Construction Services of Modesto, CA on the remodel of the Stanislaus County Psychiatric Health Facility.

    This 18 bed short term care unit provides Stanislaus County's Behavioral Health Services with a mental health care services center to accommodate mentally ill patients while initial diagnoses occur. The facility is fully secure and intentionally designed to reduce harm to patients and staff.

  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church Exterior Improvements

    With exterior and landscape improvements already under, Pacific Design Associates was consulted by the general contractor to provide design services and options for potential exterior renovations of this existing building. Old earthen berms that had been built up against the exterior of eth building have been removed and the client desired to visualize potential improvements that could be done to the now-exposed exterior of the building. With our experience in a wide variety of projects, PDA was able to provide the our client with the services needed in this unique situation to ensure that the desired outcome and finished product was accomplished.

  • City of Ceres Finance Department Remodel

    The Ceres Finance Department Remodel project consisted of building a new Finance Department Customer Service Counter within the old City of Ceres Council Chambers Room. The final design incorporated all security provisions and accessibility accomodations to ensure a safe and pleasant transaction experience for everyone involved.

  • City of Modesto Customer Service Counter

    Construction Documents have recently been completed on the City of Modesto's Customer Service Counter remodel project. The existing customer service counter area used for residents of Modesto will be remodeled to provide a safer and more efficient working environment that will allow employees of the City to provide better sevice. The project is currently out to bid.

  • Raymond James Tenant Improvement

    August 2012 brought the completion of the Raymond James Tenant Improvement project for Pacific Design Associates, Inc. and R.S. Company, the general contractor for the project. The new office space was built out on the 6th floor of an already occupied office building located at the corner of 12th and I in Downtown Modesto, CA. The project included Design Development, Contract Document preparation, Building Permit acquisition, and Construction Administration services.

  • Stanislaus County Nick W. Blom Regional Library

    In early November, Phase 3 of the Nick W Blom Salida Regional Library was accepted as 'Complete' by the Owner. Pacific Design Associates and it's consultants provided design and construction administration services for the limited interior remodel, a new HVAC system, and the replecement of the new parking lot and landscaping.

  • Stanislaus County Health Services Public Health Lab Renovation

    After the acceptance of a successful bid, work on the Stanislaus County Health Services Public Health Lab Renovation has begun. Construction is expected to to be completed in a matter of months.

  • Costa Ballfield Renovation Project

    Construction was recently completed on the Costs Ballfields Renovation for the City of Ceres. Soon, local boys and girls, and their families, will be enjoying the renovated youth baseball and softball facility.

    The Costa Ballfields Renovation Project included a new Concessions Building, a new Restroom Building, an expansion to the existing Storage Building, and new concrete paving and landscaping throughout the spectator's areas within the complex. A new field lighting system was also installed for the complex.

  • Phillips Lighting TI, McHenry Village

    Pacific Design Associates' latest project within the McHenry Village Shopping Center, the Phillips Lighting Tenant Improvement, completed construction this Spring. the tenant is now relocating from their current location and will be opening for business soon.


    Pacific Design Associates is constantly beginning and completing new projects. Here is a quick sample of some of our work.

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  • J.S. West Office Buliding

    New corporate office building for the J.S. West Company in Downtown Modesto.

  • Piranha Produce

    New Distribution Center and Offices for Piranha Produce.

  • Costa Ballfield Renovation

    Renovation of the Costa Ballfields for the City of Ceres, including new Restrooms and Snack Bar.